Copper Drip Pot


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Product Story

The copper pot by Takeshi Fujii, Fuukido has the handle wrapped in rattan with wood element incorporated on the lid. The design is more than considerate that prevents users from scald, but also adds a vintage touch as a whole.


Forged pattern is kept onto the surface which highlights the texture of hand-hammered copperware. They also mark the effort of the craftsmen as well as their time devoted. With merely a touch, one easily feels the warmth of the tool.


Takeshi Fujii

Tsuiki Coppersmith


“For creators and users, craftsmanship is part of our daily lives.”

Takeshi Fujii was born in Tsubame-shi, Niigata. After graduating from Tsubame High School, he stays in the same town as the third-generation successor of Fuukidou.

Since Takeshi Fujii was a kid, he had been helping his family with the business. After his graduation in 1994, he joined a local copperware workshop, Gyokusendo to kick start his career, mainly responsible for annealing, plating on tin surfaces and imprinting logos. Takeshi returned to Fuukidou in 1996.

He always makes full use of the material and, while incorporating traditional techniques with advanced technology. He pursues the beauty of practicality and produces attractive copperware in soft and simple shapes that increases warmth with each use.


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