Dec 5 - Craft x Design: Material Discovery Workshop - Bamboo


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By learning how to bend the bamboo sticks, participants are encouraged to discover a new language and culture of this traditional craft through this manual practice, and reinterpret the different possibilities of bamboo. In the workshop, you will experience from splitting the bamboo to handling the materials. With the help of design thinking and scientific thinking, we will relearn shaping with bamboo, weave the surface with bamboo, and discover the folk wisdom hidden in bamboo crafts.  

Dec 5 - Craft x Design: Material Discovery Workshop - Bamboo


Contemporary Artisan 


Gamzar is a multilingual contemporary artisan and product designer passionate for cultures and traditional handicraft, who pursued his bachelor degree in Shanghai and the master degree in Paris. The bamboo design work he did was awarded as the first prize in a bamboo design competition held in Yong An, Fujian, China and was selected and presented in the July Edition of Architecture Digest(China version).


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