Lau Mei Yee

Bamboo Craftsman

Before her crafts journey, Lau Mei Yee was a visual art teacher and has been enjoying weaving since she was young. After a visit to a bamboo exhibition in Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong, she was deeply attached to bamboo weaving. In 2012, she moved to Japan and began her Bamboo Crafts studies at the Traditional Arts Super Collage of Kyoto in 2015, where she apprenticed to Contemporary Master Craftsman Ishida Masaichi.


In the following year, Lau was awarded the 21st round National Bamboo Art New Artist Award. Later, she started to explore Japanese lacquer craft. Lau expresses her passion for bamboo through weaving. She considers that the fundamentals and understanding the materials’ characteristics are equally important to the practice. Rather than simply following the traditional practice, Lau strives to innovate. Every creation means a challenge to her, as well as for her to discover new possibilities of bamboo.

The Process

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