26 Sep, 2020 - 31 Dec, 2020


Bamboo originating from Asia is exquisite in texture and has undergone various processes to create a diversified culture in its craftsmanship. Although the art of bamboo is a traditional craft that lasts for thousands of years, it is an industry which our younger generations seldom pursue and let alone inherit. In the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, constant innovations of contemporary materiality come and go in a fleeting state. Bamboo, however, occupies a unique position by sustaining the livelihood of Hong Kong in the early days, pushing through difficult times with the city. Up till today, bamboo is not only commonly used in our daily lives but has become a skillful handicraft, leaving an imprint to signify our era.


Crafts on Peel is a non-profit creative and experiential venue, with the mission to foster the exchange of traditional craftsmanship between Hong Kong and the world. I am honored to be invited as a co-curator and one of the participating artisans. To continue with the exploration of Hong Kong’s traditional bamboo craftsmanship, the curatorial team voyaged to Taiwan and Japan to discover local bamboo craftsmen, and has invited various local and international artisans to participate in our joint exhibition. With the characteristics of being purely hand-made, artisans have integrated bambooware into their daily lives, interpreting the linkage between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary lifestyle.


Crafts on Peel aims to bring you into the world of bamboo art, to appreciate the persistence of traditional crafts, and to immerse yourself in the infinite possibilities and creativity of bamboo.

Benjamin Wang


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