Hearts & Hands : Crafts of Hong Kong

Hearts & Hands : Crafts of Hong Kong

5 Sep, 2023 - 26 Jan, 2024

Let us celebrate the crafts of Hong Kong,

With beauty and tenacity in every touch;

Let us honor its traditions and culture, 

While looking forward to a bright future.


From bamboo to rattan so finely woven,

These crafts will always hold our mysteries;

From wood so deftly carved to neon so brightly lit,

These crafts will always tell our stories.


For these craftsmen have a spirit so strong,

A mind so determined that kept them going for so long, 

Making new and reviving traditions against all odds,

Let’s give thanks to these works of Hearts and Hands. 


This exhibition is a celebration of the skills and creativity of Hong Kong’s artisans and a reminder of the importance of craftsmanship in preserving our city’s culture and heritage. We hope that it will inspire visitors to revive, reinterpret and perpetuate traditional crafts in their own lives, and to play a part in keeping alive Hong Kong’s rich culture of craftsmanship.


Yama Chan, 

Founder, Crafts on Peel Foundation


Penelopen Luk

Creative Director, Crafts on Peel Foundation and Curator


Free of charge

Featured Works

Mahjong Wanderlust – Hong Kong Theme

Ricky Cheung & Karen Aruba & Andypoll Chan

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Seek Her in a Thousand Degrees

Brian Kwok & Clive Ng & Kiki Yau

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Restoration of Kai Kee Rooster Neon Sign

Wu Chi Kai & Brian Kwok

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Arise in Gallops

Siu Ping Keung & Ken Chow

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Back to the Future

Fanson Lam & Jacky Lam

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Somewhere in Time

Cecilia Lai & Barnard Chan

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Bon Voyage

Liu Wing Sheung & Fanson Lam & Jacky Lam

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A Blessing

Lui Ming & Inkgo Lam

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