Brian Kwok

Associate Professor, School of Design Hong Kong PolyU

Brian Kwok’s design and academic interests cover information design, user-centered design, and visual culture in art and design. He is passionate about observing the streetscapes and researching visual ethnography, with particular interests in the cityscape and cultural landscape of Hong Kong.


Since 2015, Brian has been devoted to recording the diversified cultural faces of Hong Kong through text, photographs, and videos. His scope of research first covers local neon signs and gradually extends to calligraphy in public spaces. These research contents are organized in publications, such as: I am a Street Ethnologist: Street Culture in Fa Yuen Street (2017), Fading of Hong Kong neon lights – The archive of Hong Kong visual culture (2018), City of Scripts – The Craftsmanship of Vernacular lettering in Hong Kong (2020) and Hong Kong Neon Sign Artworks – Vol. 1 Restaurant (2021). Through these publications, he hopes to preserve and increase public awareness of Hong Kong’s visual heritage.

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