Joey Leung


“Craftsmanship is the presentation of a skill that has been practised to its optimal.

Joey Leung is a ceramicist and photojournalist. Under the influence of his father, he was surrounded by ceramics at an early age and eventually decided to study ceramics. In 2011, Joey graduated from the Hong Kong Art School and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Upon graduation, he pursued a career in journalism. Meanwhile he had been exploring other artistic mediums and began creating works with ceramics. From news photography to ceramics, the former is all about understanding and explaining things in the shortest time, while on the contrary, ceramics takes time to sink in, yet both mediums express his views on society. In recent years, Joey received many professional awards for photography while his ceramics have often been exhibited in several solo and group art exhibitions.

Joey’s ceramics is mostly based on the theme of “fish”. In traditional Chinese culture, fish symbolizes luck and abundance, “fish plate” symbolizes the spirit of overcoming adversity. Joey integrates the shape, the meaning and the expression of fish as the inspirations of his work.

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