Contemporary Artisan

“Good craftsmanship is to have an absolute understanding and control of the material and tools used in creation.”

Founded in early 2018, Noah & Grey was started by KC and PAK, a father-and-son team who are passionate about the beauty of analogue technology. Noah & Grey is on a mission to elevate mood, experience and well-being through the intelligent and functional use of technology. The studio’s work is guided by the rich narratives of the past and driven by the bold inventions of the future, with the ultimate aim of finding beauty in function, form, and experience.

Spending his earlier years at sea and seeing the world change for better or worse, contemporary artisan KC settled on more solid grounds back in Hong Kong. He is not a traditional craftsman with years of skillful experience in the trade of what Noah & Grey is doing. Instead, a long-time DIY lover with a great passion for learning, trying and thriving on all fronts. Given the liberty after retirement, he followed his son in the exploration of crafts and discovered a second life.

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