Lam Che


Master Lam Che’s woodworking journey began in the 1980s. His passion and love for wood encouraged him to evolve from interior fit-out to making crafts out of wood. He could not bear to see fine wood such as flooring and cabinets being disposed of as construction waste. Therefore, he started to recycle and make new furniture out of discarded wood, utilizing its features and characteristics, bringing new life into the old wood. Master Lam hopes to retain historical traces and raise environmental awareness through his works.


As a carpenter, Master Lam perceived that it was the trees and woods that chose and supported him, not that he shaped them. Trees silently contribute to humankind with hundreds of years of growth and life span and are an irreplaceable companion. Consequently, Master Lam does not sign his works and hopes the audience would focus on the message conveyed by the work and cherish the material.

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