Lau Wai Cheong

Co-Founder and Upcycling craftsman

Having spent many years repairing heavy machinery in the steel, paper and chemical industries, Lau Wai Cheong restored old bicycles in his spare time and discovered his love for creating art from primitive machine parts, unfolding the pure beauty within.

While giving new life to old objects, Lau is the co-founder of UpCycling Plus, a platform that promotes up-cycling and sustainable craft design in cycling cities, fostering innovative community design across different ages and backgrounds, from creating lifestyle objects to the building of civic facilities. The platform brings creativity, nostalgic aesthetics and craft heritage into everyday life, traveling from cities to countries in search of more possibilities for the community and our lives. Lau is responsible for the craft and design education program while providing technical installations and productions for various arts and cultural programs and community organizations.

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