Lau Mei Yee Vicky

Contemporary Artisan

Lau Mei Yee has been fond of hand-knitted objects since young, such as knitting, knotting, and rattan crafting. In the process of weaving, Lau injects her inner thoughts and blessings through the crossed lines, resulting in the birth of her works.


After graduating from university, she has been working as an educator in visual arts. She had the opportunity to visit a bamboo exhibition organized by Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong and developed her interest in bamboo craft after participating in a bamboo basket-making workshop. 


In 2012, Lau resigned from her job as a teacher and enrolled at Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto in 2015, where she apprenticed to “Contemporary Master Craftsman”, Ishida Masaichi. Since then, she has studied the art of bamboo, starting from the basic techniques of cutting, splitting and handling bamboo materials, to weaving and creating crafts. She believes that knowing the fundamentals, and understanding the materials are equally important to the practice. In the following year, Lau was awarded the New Artist Award at the 21st round National Bamboo Art in Japan. Later, she started to explore Japanese lacquer. While respecting the traditional craft, Lau strives to innovate to express her passion for bamboo.

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