Linus K


Linus K specializes in using the woodturning technique to create craftwork in wood. Interested in wood craft since a young age, Linus did not engage in woodworking after his graduation. Instead, he worked in the technology and information industry for more than a decade. He regained his interest as time passed, studying the way of woodworking in his spare time. After a trip to Morocco, he was deeply inspired and impressed by the bow lathing techniques of the locals, leading him to start his woodturning craft in Hong Kong.


Most of Linus’ inspirations came from the space and environment around him. From rough to smooth, his works emphasize the beauty of wood and the tonal dynamics by matching various kinds of woods together. Linus pays much attention to the process of transformation—how a natural object is changed by craft. As for the meaning of his works, Linus tends to leave it blank and not define it, hoping to give the viewer more room for imagination, thus gaining an inspiration of its own.

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