Lui Ming

Master of Bamboo Steamer

Master Lui Ming came from Heshan, Guangdong Province. Since childhood, he has been making bamboo strips to craft household items such as cages and baskets. Though no one taught him the techniques of bamboo crafts at the time, he knew how to do it himself just by looking at the objects.


He engaged in an apprenticeship to make bamboo steamers in Guangzhou during his teenage years when he aspired to turn this talent into a career. He made his tools and improved the machinery to make his steamers better than anyone else. 


Master Lui believes that craftsmanship means creating things with manual skills and ideas. Although traditional craft is slowly becoming obsolete, Master Lui believes that by improving the bamboo steamers he made with innovative techniques while increasing productivity, he will be able to preserve this precious bamboo craft. 


Master Lui is the founder of Ming Sang Steel Bamboo Receptacle in Hong Kong. He created the first hybrid steel-bamboo steamer in the 1970s to 1980s, which has become one of the most popular types of steamer today. At the age of 93, Master Lui still devotes his time to perpetuating and preserving his craftsmanship, selflessly passing on a craft he has honed for more than half a century to the next generation.

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