Susumu Yotsukawa

Contemporary Brand Producer

“Craft to me is utility in beauty and beauty in utility. It is not an artwork. Craft is beauty and utility co-existing together that stands the test of time.”

Susumu Yotsukawa was born in Takaoka, Toyama. He grew up in Kanayamachi, a place with a long history of four hundred years in metal casting. Since he was a child, Yotsukawa had played with sand casting tools and watched his grandfather and father unraveling copperware from the sand.

After getting a management degree from Ottawa University, Yotsukawa spent some time exploring the medical industry. During his thirties, Yotsukawa’s fondness upon the charm of the family business burgeoned further. The close connection the brand had with life brought him back to Japan to join KISENDO in 2002 as a designer and developed KISEN. 

KISENDO mainly produces traditional copper crafts such as incense burners made by contemporary artisans. KISEN, on the other hand, introduces new elements like the application of bamboo, wood, glass, lacquer and so forth into traditional metalsmithing techniques, bringing creativity and modern design elements into this new lifestyle line. 

Four years ago, he was determined to turn the group into a globally known design brand, creating products that are not only beautiful but practical and soothes the spirit. 

Since the first generation, KISENDO has developed into an organization with its design and marketing department, workshop, and a team of collaborative craftsmen. The formation of such organization is rare in Takaoka, giving them more focus on the design and enabling them to win many international design awards.

The Process

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