Ting For Chun

Bamboo Craftsman

Engaging with craftsmanship in this era means to discipline one-self. I am willing to put in more effort to change people’s impression of bamboo art as ‘outdated’, and I hope everyone can get to know the craftsmanship within.”

Ting For Chun majored in Architecture and Interior Design at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and graduated in 2010. He co-founded “thecaveworkshop”, a design studio exploring cultural and environmental topics. His team has partnered with notable organizations and projects including Detour, PMQ and The Art Promotion Office.

Ting came into contact with Takezaiku (a Japanese traditional bamboo craft) on a trip to Kyoto. Ting’s blossoming interest in woodwork and bamboo craft over the years prompted him to establish his bamboo craft brand Yiwooo in 2018. Meaning “twice” in Chinese, the name is inspired by the creation process where bamboo strips have to be woven across at least twice for sturdiness. The brand commits to connecting bamboo crafts with modern city life.

The Process