Yan Yung

Carpenter and Founder

Yan Yung founded the Coutou Woodworking Studio in 2019. Working closely with the community and wood craft, it is established to raise our awareness of how one can bring changes to society with their hands. Yan wished to set up a platform for the general public to value wood and the beauty of crafts. She is currently working on projects related to upcycling woods in Hong Kong as she believes that every piece of wood has a purpose rather than being directly discarded in landfills.


Since Yan came into contact with woodworking, she realized not only the difficulties of craftsmanship but also its abstruse wonders in essence which motivated her to explore further. To Yan, “craftsmanship” is a sophisticated concept, leading her to reflect on the relationship between mankind and craft—craft is for “the people”. Her experience of collaborating with the masters is precious, which allows craftsmanship to innovate and perpetuate.

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