Artisan’s Talk – Craftsmanship x Digital fabrication – The Making of “Sternhelma” – Chinese Checkers

Join us at Crafts on Peel’s inaugural Artisan’s Talk on March 4 – an amazing event filled with interesting insights! This Artisan’s Talk will share the design concept behind the work “Sternhelma” – a nostalgic board game inspired by the original Chinese checkers that combines digital fabrication with craftsmanship. Contemporary artisan PAK will share how he and his team created this beautiful piece by shining the spotlight on its intricate craftsmanship details, such as its wax rope details, wood finishing and patina of each game piece.

During the talk, PAK will share some experiences that the duo learned while creating “Sternhelma” – invaluable information for anyone looking to break into digital fabrication and craftsmanship! 


About PAK – Noah & Grey

Founded in early 2018, Noah & Grey was started by KC and PAK, a father-and-son team who are passionate about the beauty of analogue technology. Noah & Grey is on a mission to elevate mood, experience and well-being through the intelligent and functional use of technology. The studio’s work is guided by the rich narratives of the past and driven by the bold inventions of the future, with the ultimate aim of finding beauty in function, form, and experience.

4 Mar 2023 (Sat)
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Crafts on Peel (11 Peel Street, Central)
HKD 50
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