Craft Discovery Workshop – Hand-Carved Mahjong Experience

Mahjong is not just a game in Hong Kong, but is deeply rooted in the city’s culture. For many people, mahjong is a way to socialize and connect with friends and families. 

Master of Mahjong Carving Ricky Cheung and contemporary artisan Karen Aruba will lead participants to review the mahjong-making industry in Hong Kong through illustrations, while exploring the differences in production between the contemporary design and traditional hand-carved mahjong.

Master Cheung will demonstrate the making process of hand-carving mahjong, while the participants will have the opportunity to experience the use of hand-carved mahjong tools and painting mahjong tiles with gold leaves, exploring the skillful techniques of carving and coloring.

Each participant can bring home their handmade hand-carved mahjong with a gift box.


Master of Mahjong Carving 

Master Ricky Cheung started his apprenticeship with his father at Fuk Hing Lung Mahjong Factory in Kowloon City at the age of 13. As the second-generation owner of the factory, he had over 50 years of experience managing the factory, spanning from 1963 to 2009. From purchasing raw materials from Germany and the local market to manufacturing processes like sawing, polishing, carving, coloring, scraping, packaging and delivery, the factory provided a one-stop service to its customers. It was one of the largest mahjong tile factories in Hong Kong until its closure in 2009.

Master Cheung continued to work until his retirement in 2018. As he does not wish to witness the disappearance of this traditional craftsmanship with the retirement of the previous generation of masters, he continues to collaborate with his daughter, re-presenting hand-carved mahjong in a creative way. 

Contemporary Artisan

Brought up in her father, Master Ricky Cheung’s mahjong factory, Karen Aruba is now an illustrator, dedicating most of her time to promote the art of mahjong carving. She established the brand Karen Aruba Art to encourage younger generations to understand the value of this precious craftsmanship and to learn the history and culture of Hong Kong through it. In 2020, Karen and her father founded The Art of Mahjong Craft Studio, aspiring to draw attention on traditional hand-carved mahjong and its sustainable development. Karen has curated several exhibitions related to the art of mahjong that have received extensive coverage in the local and overseas media, leading Hong Kong mahjong design and craftsmanship to gain attention in the international arena.

25 Feb 2023 (Sat)
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Crafts on Peel (11 Peel Street, Central)
Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)
HKD 650
No craftsmen found