Craft Discovery Workshop – Woodworking Experience

Woodworking is an ancient craft that involves the use of various tools to shape, cut and join wood to create functional and aesthetically pleasing objects.

Led by Carpenter Ken Chow, this workshop allows participants to make two coasters made of American black walnut and Japanese cypress using traditional woodworking tools. While learning how to use a woodworking plane, participants will feel the tactility and fragrance of different wood species, as well as exploring the differences between woodworking tools and the materials. Ken will also share the traditional craft of Chidori joint originated from Hida, Japan, where participants will learn about its background and techniques through a craft kit.

Ken will also demonstrate the sophisticated mortise and tenon techniques, allowing participants to further appreciate the charm of woodworking.

Contemporary Artisan

Ken Chow 

Yat Muk Studio 


Ken Chow has devoted his working life to the craft of woodworking, constantly perfecting his techniques through experimentation and innovation. Having apprenticed in Taipei, Taichung, and Jilin, China, Ken established Yat Muk Studio to practice, research, and teach woodworking. “Yat Muk” means “a lifetime” and “woodwork” in Chinese—hoping to make furniture that can last a lifetime.


Ken aims to explore the authenticity of carpentry and woodworking machinery operations, re-igniting the woodworking culture in Hong Kong. For Ken Chow, woodworking is a form of meditation and exploration of the mind. He has been studying the tradition of woodworking in Hong Kong and honing his skills to create works that fully reveal the beauty of wood.

25 Mar 2023 (Sat)
3:00 - 5:00 PM
11 Peel Street, Central
Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)
HKD 600
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