Four Seasons: Enchantment Engraved | LCW2022

What is the charm behind metal craftsmanship which Master Peter Ng has persisted in creating for decades?

Master Ng’s virtual demonstration – Four Seasons: Enchantment Engraved is to be presented during the London Craft Week! With Master Ng’s comprehensive demonstration, audiences will learn more about the unique history of Hong Kong’s metalwork and the story behind his work “Four Seasons” in collaboration with Ping Kee Copperware.

His craftsmanship not only represents the spirit of perseverance , but also exemplifies Hong Kong’s continuous pursuit of creativity!


About the Artisan

Peter Ng

Graver HK
Hammer and Chisel Engraving Craftsman

Master Peter Ng started learning chiseling techniques from Master Ng Tin Duk at the age of twelve. After completing his studies, he became a full-time craftsman specializing in engraving. With hard work, enthusiasm and more than half a century of experience, he co-founded the brand Graver HK with his son Jan Ng in 2012. Together, the father-son partnership continues to develop the craft of metal engraving by incorporating chiseling into a variety of contemporary works.

10 May 2022 (Tue)
8:00 PM - 8:45 PM
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