Metal Casting Discovery – Sculpting Workshop

Metal casting involves making a mold and then pouring molten metal into it. The craftsman produces a prototype by clay, wax, or plaster, which will be used to create a mold to cast from, allowing subsequent reproduction. The making process requires detailed observation of an object from multi-perspectives to transform the visuals into a three-dimensional form.

In this experiential workshop led by sculptor Fanson Lam, participants will learn the basic techniques through the hands-on practice of sculpting a simple human body structure. Join us on August 14 to have a glimpse of how craftwork can be cast from scratch with Fanson’s sharing!

14 Aug 2021 (Sat)
2:00 - 5:00pm
11 Peel Street, Central
Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)
HKD 680
2510 0637 /