Oct 24 – The Pursuit of Elegance: Rituals of Song Dynasty – Tea appreciation

Oct 24 (Sat) : Phoenix Dancong x Aged Liubao

To celebrate our first thematic exhibition – Imagine The ‘IM’possibilities: Bamboo, Crafts on Peel carries the art of tea with traditional crafts. The tea appreciation will be hosted by our certified tea master by introducing the tea etiquette, culture and how you could appreciate Chinese tea, followed by a demonstration.

When presented two different flavors of tea with the utensils in the tea ceremony, you could appreciate our special collections of tea ware, feel the warmth of the cups and enjoy the fragrance of tea.

24 Oct 2020 (Sat)
3 - 4:30 pm
Crafts on Peel (11 Peel Street, Central)
Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)
HKD 280
hello@craftsonpeel.com / 2510 0637
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