Takezaiku Basketry with Brown Leather Handle


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Product Story

Produced by Tamotsu Nishimoto, a bamboo craftsman from Japan.  Mat weave technique has taken over the piece that there is no space at all between each strip. A brown leather handle is attached and a cover is sewed hovering the bamboo bag, defining a simple but refined work. Bamluxe makes an ideal bag for everyday use. The artisan provides life-time maintenance and repair services to ensure the durability of the basket and to call attention to the sustainability of the material.

Tamotsu Nishimoto

Bamboo Craftsman


Born in Chiba, Japan, Tamotsu Nishimoto graduated from the Faculty of Literature of Chiba University, majoring in Behavioural Science. He is now residing in Beppu City. He discovered his passion for bamboo after completing a takezaiku training course at Oita in 2009, and had since embarked on the journey of becoming a bamboo artisan with particular interest in the making and design of bamboo basketry. He established his own studio Tamotsu Seisakusho in the same year, combining his artistic sense and practical knowledge to create distinctive handmade bamboo crafts for sale,  as well as collaborating with other brands.


Tamotsu Nishimoto began crafting bamboo baskets in 2007. This Bamluxe has been fine-tuned over the years. From preparing materials to leather sewing and bamboo weaving, this basket is made entirely by Nishimoto, taking more than 10 days to complete. Suitable for daily wear, this basketry embodies the idea of “beauty in usage”.


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