Cross Weave Bamboo Basket


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Product Story

Produced by Chen Yung Sheng, a bamboo craftsman from Taiwan, with coffee brown strips. As a practical incarnation of a traditional craftsmanship, it is perfect for storing sundries on a side table.

Chen Yung Sheng

Bamboo Craftsman


There is a fine distinction between ‘art’ and ‘craftsmanship’. ‘Art’ refers to the atmospheric feeling beyond words; while ‘craftsmanship’ has a meaning of daily usage and must be highly integrated with livelihood.”

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Chen Yung Sheng learned the techniques of bamboo weaving while he was studying cultural heritage studies at University. To preserve traditional bamboo craftsmanship, Chen established his studio “Sheng Zhu Gong Fang” to teach and research bamboo weaving techniques across Taiwan, and to restore traditional bambooware.

Chen met Japanese bamboo master Hajime Nakatomi at National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute. He later went to Japan to further his bamboo weaving skills under Hajime Nakatomi’s tutelage, learning how to transform crafts into works of art.


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