Long-handled Screw Pine Body Brush


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Product Story

Screw pine is an indigenous plant in Hong Kong. Its natural oil-removing function makes it a perfect natural material for body brush. Based on this observation, traditional craftsman Wong Kin Hung did numerous tests to turn screw pine into an environmentally-friendly and practical body brush, with a more detailed and smooth texture on it, enriching the quality of our daily cleaning rituals.

Wong Kin Hung

Traditional Folk Craftsman

Hong Kong

Wong Kin Hung has had a keen interest in craftsmanship since he was young and later engaged in hand-made silk work for a living. In his sixties, he resolutely started the business of his eco-friendly screw pine brushes made of ​​aerial roots. Master Wong is concerned about environmental conservation and hopes to promote the idea of leaving nothing to waste through his invention. The opportunity that brought him to this journey was when he reconnected with screw pine grown along the coastline during his travel. The master recalled his childhood memory of creating the brushes with the material. Up till today, his creativity never resets, continuously researching and developing more innovative everyday craft.


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