Craft Discovery Workshop – Bamboo Steamer Making Experience

Originating from Southern China, the cleverly designed bamboo steamers are composed of an open-weave bottom and a domed lid. The colander bottom allows steam to travel through, while the tightly-woven lid prevents the steam from escaping, and its domed shape accommodates the steam to circulate evenly. Given the permeability of bamboo, the vapor from the steam is retained without causing any condensation, which would dampen the food, while locking in the flavor and keeping its moisture and tenderness.

This workshop offers the participants hands-on experience in crafting a bamboo steamer and experiencing different weaving techniques. Contemporary artisan Inkgo Lam will lead participants through the six essential steps of making a traditional bamboo steamer from scratch. 

Next, participants will learn the various bamboo weaving techniques such as hexagonal weave, twill weave and cross weave. Using naturally dyed bamboo strips, participants can bring their creative ideas to life and weave their own patterns. 

Each participant can bring home their handmade bamboo steamer lid along with a bamboo steamer base as a gift from us, completing a set of bamboo steamer. A freshly steamed Cantonese sponge cake will be prepared for each participant to wrap up this fruitful experience.


Contemporary Artisan

Inkgo Lam graduated from the department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014. She is an apprentice of the renowned Hong Kong bamboo steamer Master Lui Ming and aspires to create contemporary bamboo crafts with traditional techniques. 

In 2019, Inkgo met Master Lui Ming through The Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme. In 2021, Inkgo’s bamboo artworks were exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong and in 2022, her works were featured in Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada, including the exhibition “Beyond Borders: Traces of Hong Kong Stories”.

Since childhood, Inkgo has admired the perseverance of traditional craftsmen and has been fascinated by the attitude of “focusing on one thing for a lifetime”. She hopes to continue the traditions of heritage crafts in Hong Kong and transform bamboo into the language of art, bringing the aesthetics of ancient Chinese art to the contemporary stage. 

18 Feb 2023 (Sat)
3:00 - 5:30 PM
11 Peel Street, Central
Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)
HKD 320
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