Thousand Knots Qipao

Polly Ho

Polly has a passion for Chinese knots - a traditional Chinese needlework technique that she acquired from her grandmother. Polly cherished her childhood memories, celebrated her relationship with her grandmother and reinterpreted this traditional craft with an innovative, one-of-a-kind design by making a Qipao, using over 2000 pairs of handmade Chinese knot buttons. Qipao is a traditional tight-fitting one-piece Chinese dress for women that emphasizes the body line.

Polly wants to raise people’s attention to the value of old traditional techniques and promote sustainable fashion through her design. The history of knot buttons can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty (about 1100 BCE to 256 BCE) in China. Handmade knot buttons have become exquisite artworks and have tremendous aesthetic value. Knot has a double meaning, in Chinese, the character knot “結” means integrating and linking, which is also extended to signify marriage.

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